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What we believe at Red Maple Media

Red Maple Media believes in using technology to advance the strategic business goals of its clients. We believe that technology alone does not build competitive advantage, but when technology is applied to solve problems and drive business solutions - that's when it has real value. We believe that when our client's business strategy is supported by an appropriate technology, their business will succeed. Call us today, to learn more about our project process, and how Red Maple Media can advanced your organization toward its strategic goals.

First, we focus on learning the strategic goals of your business.

Second, we design and develop a solution that addresses your business strategy.

Third, we deliver a solution that will adapt and scale with your evolving business.

What our clients think
  • "I was extremely happy with the work that Red Maple Media did for our organization. The consultants were professional, were responsive to our needs and always delivered a high calibre of work within established deadlines.”

    Susanne Thiessen, Indigenous Governance Programs,

    -University of Victoria

  • "Julian Barabas (of Red Maple Media) was an excellent Systems Analyst and strong contributor to the team's success. Self-motivated and innovative, he took on projects with a disciplined approach, reliably delivering what was required when it was required with the added bonus of good customer skills and rapport.”

    Aneita Strauss PMP, MCPM, Director of Enterprise Systems

    -Royal Roads University

  • "Wow Red Maple Media. Since you did our web optimization, traffic to our site has greatly increased and we're much higher on the search engines now because of it. Thanks!”

    Corina Rothlisberger, VP Operations

    -FunctionFox Systems

  • "I have had the pleasure of working with Julian Barabas [of Red Maple Media] on a complex system development project with ImpactBC. He worked with the leadership of the organization to establish the scope and schedule of the project. His experience with content management system was instrumental in creating a vision and final solution for the client. His ability to listen and analyze needs of stakeholders was a key element to the success of the project.”

    Amir Rasheed, Project Director

    -Impact BC

  • "Julian Barabas [of Red Maple Media] has a strong intuitive business sense and is a great guy to work with. I often looked to him as someone who understood what I meant - meaning, unlike some many of his IT colleagues, he is a good listener and has a good sense of client needs and, most importantly, knows how to turn that into solid business recommendations. I think RRU was a bit stifling for him, so I'm glad he's found his niche elsewhere. From what I can tell, Julian is also a lot of fun to hang out with when he's not working.”

    Phil Saunders MA (Journalism), Communications Officer

    -RoyalRoads University

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