2014 IMPACT Award Recipients

Red Maple Media would like to congratulate the following IMPACT award recipients. These winners represent Microsoft partners who define innovation in technology and have been trailblazers in the Cloud First, Mobile First world. This year the IMPACT Awards recognized Microsoft partners who provided the most innovative and comprehensive solutions that empowered customers to be more agile, efficient, and profitable.

How to increase online sales from organic website traffic?

Red Maple Media works with online businesses that want to increase their online sales from their organic search traffic. This article shares some of the strategies and tactics our company uses to successfully complete these internet marketing projects. Below I explain how online business owners can maximize the impact of their marketing budget by focusing on organic search rankings, and how to convert the resulting traffic into increased online sales and revenue.

Why your business needs a CRM System?

Your prospects and customers are all different, and they have unique needs and expectations. The sooner your company learns what those individual needs are, and how to provide tailored services to fulfil those needs, the faster your business will grow. By implementing a company-wide customer relationship management system or CRM, your company can create and maintain an actionable understanding of your stakeholder’s needs.